Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Through donations and fundraising events, the Lord has blessed us with tuition-aid for families who:

  • value Christian education for their children,
  • want their children to grow up and learn in the
  • wisdom and understanding of our Lord, Jesus Christ,
  • support Our Savior in its mission, ministry, policies, and practices, and
  • show financial need.

To apply for financial assistance, parents need to fill out the online Tuition Assistance Data Services (TADS) form at https://www.tuitionaid.com/parents/default.asp. Our School ID is 11040.

You will be asked to mail in some forms in this process. The TADS process needs to be fully completed before Our Savior Lutheran Church’s Tuition Assistance Committee can review the TADS report and our ability to help.

The tuition assistance decision will be made after the student’s enrollment has been accepted and TADS sends their results to the church. Our Savior Lutheran Church Tuition Aid Committee will meet and review the TADS report.

Each year, the family must reapply for the aid (Enrollment decisions do not consider financial need). We do desire that all people who want Our Savior’s education may do so, regardless their financial status. We therefore do all we can within our stewardship responsibilities and abilities.

Our Savior Lutheran Church and School http://oursaviorlutheranschool.org

Preschool Assistance: Our Savior does not give Tuition Assistance for Preschool, but the state does (See: http://oursaviorlutheranschool.org/files/Tuition/OpenDoorsFlyer.pdf).

Native Hawaiian Assistance: The Bishop Estate designates assistance to families. (See: http://www.ksbe.edu/finaid/)

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