Friday, September 19, 2014

Promoting the Christian faith and life-long learning of the whole child in a changing world.

Expected Student Learning Results
Our Savior Lutheran School graduates will:
Have Jesus!
(Know Christ)
*Have a Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ secure in His Salvation
*Know God’s Word
*Articulate the Law-Gospel distinction with words and deeds
*Consistently pray
*Know and Practice Christian Ethics in discussions and actions
*Trust God’s authority
(Comprehend Information)
*Decode words phonetically
*Use writing fundamentals
*Analyze written, oral, and kinesthetic works
*Know basic works of the arts and language arts

(Solve problems and Overcome challenges)
*Successfully surmount challenges
*Make decisions and accept responsibility
*Make plans, follow-through, and evaluate using self-discipline
*Use resources
*Think critically, based upon having the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitudes
*Accept appropriate authority
*Accept God’s proactive role and our appropriate responses

Work Together!
(Involve, Communicate, Serve, and Lead)
*Exercise control and balance, Emotionally, Spiritually, Physically, Academically, Socially
*Communicate well
*Use Foreign Language academically and culturally
*Know Diverse Cultures
*Practice respect, etiquette, and appropriate communication
*Know History and Social Studies facts and concepts
*Create and Articulate Emotion through Art, Music, and Physical Activities

Have Tools!
(Use Skills and Technologies)
*Use Computers
*Use and relate Math and Science
*Use and relate Language Arts
*Use and relate Art